The Case Information Statement in NJ

I’m often asked by my clients, “Why do we need to fill out one of these Case Information Statements?” The answer is fairly simple. The Case Information Statement (CIS) is a snapshot of your financial situation during the marriage. This financial picture is important because future financial support and equitable distribution of marital assets depend on the numbers you provide in your Case Information Statement.

Purpose of the CIS

The numbers represent your income sources. You also include your joint and current expenses, and all family assets and liabilities, regardless of who is the titled owner. Anything accumulated during the course of the marriage is marital property, despite whose name may be on that property.

If you don’t do a thorough job filling out this form, you may receive to little support or end up paying too much. You must attest to and certify the accuracy of the numbers you provide. As your attorney, we sit down with you and go through this document very carefully. We will periodically update the numbers throughout the process. Please call us to discuss any questions you may have about divorce in NJ. We provide a free consultation and can discuss the divorce process in greater detail.

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