Recent Client Reviews

Sara Sencer McArdle saved my family. She made sure she was always readily available when I had any problem or questions. Sara was always there every step of the way. She not only acted as an attorney but as a friend and always had my best interest at heart.

– M.O.

We would personally like to thank you for all that you have been doing for our son. These past few months have been very trying for our family and you have taken time out of your busy schedule to work with us. You have been a vital part of this process from the very beginning. In our opinion you have gone above and beyond to work with our son and our family. Recently you also took time to visit our son, during his incarceration. This showed us that you are still in his corner and that really encouraged him. It also encouraged us as well. We know that you were having a few medical issues and you were still able to visit him. We thank you for keeping your promise of going to see him. Again we want to thank you for your hard work. We hope that you continue to work with us during this process. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers, as we will do the same for you.

– Mr. and Mrs. J.A.

I was referred to the Law Office of Sara Sencer McArdle, LLC by a friend of mine. I was quite impressed that I was able to immediately speak directly with Ms. McArdle about my personal situation – a rather routine child support arrears case. Although Ms. McArdle was involved in a high profile criminal case at the same time, I found that personal touch continued throughout my case. I never felt neglected or that my case was on the “back burner” – quite to the contrary, Ms. McArdle stayed on top of every aspect of my case and continually met with me and made me feel that I was her only client. I would highly recommend and refer her to others.

– C.G.

I came to the Law Office of Sara Sencer McArdle when I was seeking a divorce. It was a rough time in my life, but Sara and her staff were understanding and compassionate. They were patient and answered any questions that I had regarding the process. Sara was very prompt in returning my phone calls and getting things done. I would recommend her law office to anyone seeking legal assistance.

– K.B.

Sara Sencer McArdle came to my rescue. My wife wanted a divorce. I did not. Sara was here for me and got me through the mess and I always left her office feeling better than when I came in. In the end I feel that she did a wonderful job and fought hard for me.

– A.L.

I wanted to take the time to thank you for all the hard work, effort, advice and dedication you and your office provided to me during my recent divorce. I know that your firm handles many divorces a year but this one was exceptionally different from most divorces and required an attorney with incredible patience and knowledge of proceedings. Because my former spouse decided not to participate in the process, and did not want her location known, this case required extraordinary patience on my part. You and your staff were there every step of the way with me. You advised me to go the extra mile each time to ensure that we were doing every effort to contact my former spouse and attempt to get her involved. You advised me to be patient and let the process play out, and then used the process to our advantage to keep the Court moving the case along. Your staff showed dedication, keeping in constant contact with me during the late night hours during the many attempts to have my former spouse served by private investigators. Mostly, I am incredibly grateful with the amount of research you did to make sure that we were handling this unique situation correctly. You went out of your way, not only to consult with the other attorneys in your office, but to contact outside attorneys to get their opinion on how to proceed, and if they had ever had a divorce that was this unique. That however, was not enough for you. You took the time to also contact friends who had become Judges and asked them if this case came before them how they would have liked to see this proceed. When it came to equitable distribution, you and your team helped me come up with a solution that I could feel comfortable with, and one that we felt the Court would accept. I would also be remiss, if I did not mention how grateful I am for the many multi-attorney consultations, but only receiving charges for your normal rate. Lastly, the preparation you displayed as we headed to trial was second to none. We both felt that it was unlikely that my former spouse would show for the proceedings, but you took the time to prepare me as if we were going to go on Trial. You took the time to create a large booklet of all the events and documentation, not just for us but one for the Judge as well. Due to this effort, and your offices attention to details, we were able to make the Judge comfortable that we took every step to contact my former wife and were fair in our offering to her. I cannot thank you, Sara, and your office enough for calmly navigating me through a very difficult time in my life and helping it to come to a very rapid conclusion. In closing, I would and have recommended you and your firm to people I know seeking legal counsel, and will continue to do so.

– M.P.

When it comes to Sara Sencer McArdle, lawyer jokes just don’t apply. Sara treated me with the utmost respect and I think of her as a sister. My personal feeling is that Sara put her heart and soul into my case as if I was her only client. However, I know that is not the case and that Sara has a many clients who also need her time. Sara spoke with my family and helped set their minds at ease every step of the way. There was not one moment that I didn’t trust her knowledge, experience and guidance. Sara always told me like it was, whether I wanted to hear it or not. It was an added bonus that her husband, Kevin McArdle is also an attorney practicing at the law firm. Kevin helped with my case when Sara was not available and I always had someone to turn to for legal direction. The flexibility of the hours at her office always gave me appointment times: day, evening or weekends. Your office staff, especially Wendy, always returned my calls no matter how trivial it seemed. It was important to me and they responded promptly every time. I would like to thank everyone for the treatment I received.

– B.A.