Separated and Living Together

living separately in the same houseThere may come a time when you and your spouse decide you can no longer be married. However, you can’t yet afford to live in separate spaces. This can become a problem, because you’re not getting along, but you still have to somehow manage to share the same living space. Here’s what you need to do to avoid a domestic violence complaint or a temporary restraining order being lodged against you after you separate.

  1. DO NOT call your spouse names, curse, or use derogatory comments of any kind, either verbally or in writing.
  2. DO NOT exhibit any aggressive or threatening physical contact.
  3. DO NOT scream at your spouse.
  4. DO NOT destroy any property that belongs to your spouse.
  5. DO NOT make any unwanted sexual advances toward your spouse.
  6. DO NOT stay if an argument escalates. Walk out and calm yourself down. You don’t want an argument to get out of control.
  7. DO NOT use any alcohol or recreational drugs.
  8. DO NOT remove any disputed property from the premises.
  9. DO NOT make any derogatory comments about your spouse via email, text, or social media.
  10. DO NOT participate in any telephone harassment of your spouse. This includes calling and arguing, calling and hanging up, or calling over and over again if your spouse is not answering the phone.

Exhibiting any of these behaviors can affect the outcome of your divorce, and it can also have a negative effect on your ability to see your children when you do move out. Try to avoid all 10 of these behaviors at all costs when you separate, but still live together.

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